Drilling Wells

Drilling Water Wells

Helplife Foundation's main purpose is to bring safe water to the poor communities of Somalia. Successfully, we started to deliver this goal in Sanaag region on April 7th 2016. After a successful hydrogeological investigation, Helplife Foundation has immediately started the process  of drilling  one of the identified borehole drilling sites. We contracted one of the local drilling companies in Sanaag region, And the hope of having safe water in Masagan area of Sanaag region, has finally been realized on May 15th 2016. The local community of that area has benefited from this project tremendously. And obviously this particular water well helped the local community of that area to survive and go through the hardships which lack of rainfall has caused. Somalis are now in great need of safe water. And Helplife Foundation is doing whatever possible to save lives by providing potable water. 


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