Water Surveys

Water Surveys

In January 2016, Helplife Foundation has hired the Subterranean Water Experts (SWEX) in Kenya, for carrying out hydrogeological investigations to identify a suitable borehole drilling sites capable of providing sufficient potable water within Sanaag region area.

Project objectives and scope

The overall objective of the Project was to strengthen livelihoods at household level in Sanaag Region by improving access to quality rural water and sanitation services. The Action purpose of the current project was to increase access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation for the rural population particularly benefiting women and children.  

The specific objectives of this Study were to:

  1. To undertake hydrogeological/geophysical investigations on the occurrence of groundwater in the selected target community areas with a view to identifying a suitable borehole drilling site.

  2. Identify the sites for borehole drilling and advise the client on the best drilling method.

  3. Point out the geological formation likely to be encountered during drilling and implications with regard to drilling methodology, borehole yields and groundwater quality

  4. State the expected maximum borehole depth

  5. Assess the potential impact of drilling on the environmental, social – economic dynamics, peace-building and mitigation measures as necessary to enhance sustainability of the borehole water supply


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